walking the dog

one thing
 for sure
you own a dog 
 live in the city
 no matter 
 the weather
 the dog 

snow monsters

i was in the flatiron area last night 
crossing the street
 i spied 

made of marble 
there are 12 of them
 they are standing
 slushy snow
left over
the non blizzard of juno
 earlier this week

 you can read
artist peter regli's snow monsters

5:55 AM

we woke
a blizzard

my office was closed
 i could pretend it was saturday
sleep til at least 7

 got up at 5ish 

 cats do not understand snow days 

they expect to be fed
 a week day
 the regular time

 they'll let us sleep past 5 on weekends
shut the bedroom door 
cover our heads 
with pillows 
 the caterwauling 


i got up tuesday morning
 intent on feeding them
followed by
 return to bed
sleep til at least 7 

while they ate 
i looked out the window
 the street 
was silent 
was empty

 it was quite lovely

plowing created mini snowbanks

 all that fresh snow

 tucked my pjs into my boots
 zipped up the coat 
wrapped the scarf tight
pulled the hood up over my head 
grabbed the iphone


walked toward the park
just a few long strides
sinking into soft powder
i stopped 
 this photo

 admired my foot prints

 scooted back into the house

but now i was wide awake

5:55 AM

a non event and some water towers

we have had a non blizzard 

 it got named

 if you search/type
 any social media site
 you'll see lots of snow photos

here's one
 i took 
 our street getting shoveled

since its 
a photo
a week or so ago

yes, i've posted 
 this view

water towers
 as well as 
lady liberty 
ellis island
a tanker being escorted out of the harbor

a life of its own

i have a facebook page
 i really 
very often

 i find
 if i do stop by
 i am sucked into the vortex
 liking or commenting
 all the
 'what's on your mind'
i have missed since i last stopped by 

that said
 i do share my blog on Facebook
 something called networked blogs 

i also post photos there after travel adventures
  an occasional
 hey look at this photo

i began to share
 my daily world trade center photos 
a series
 i also share via instagram

 sometime ago
 i uploaded an old photo
 it was taken in the early 1980s 
by a professional photographer
 at the wedding of my then boss 

i think
 i must have uploaded it as a profile photo
 tho i really can't remember

this past weekend 
i got an email from Facebook
advising me
 someone had commented on a photo
 i clicked over
 to see 
was getting such a nice comment 

in an effort
 to figure out 
i uploaded it
 i checked the comments
 the photo 

 one of them
 from me to a friend
you dont think i look pregnant

 i really wish
 i remembered
i posted it 
what spurred me to share it 
(according to the tags i added it to an album labeled 'family' on wednesday, december 24, 2008 at 8:25 PM) 

since it resurfaced 
 due to an instagram friend Liliana Kiraz 
looking through my photos 
(which are set to be seen by friends only) 
i sleuthed this out
 by looking to see 
the first new 'like' was from

 after that  'like'
it took on a life of its own
 58 new likes and 57 comments
 (i think that includes the original 3 or 4)

 its sort of fun 
sort of embarrassing
 to have
 so many comments
 about my hair
how i look 

they're all positive reactions
 i should be struttin'
 in a way 
i am 
i am
 sort of 
what happened to all that hair 
maybe i need to get a perm 
maybe i need to gain some weight
i do recall 
being a lot heavier back then
the loose top
 i wasn't pregnant

 that top
 which i still have 
was a favorite of mine 
my mother bought it for me
 during one our mall shopping adventures 

when my parenta lived in florida 
we used to go shopping
 buy each other things
 it was funny even then
 instead of buying ourselves things
 we bought them for each other

here's the photo
  i have turned off the comments
 i am not comfortable blowing my own horn

dogs on the street

friday morning
i was on my way to the dentist
 nothing major 
just this year's first cleaning
 i was crossing columbus circle
 when i saw those two women
 their dogs

 i would bet 
they were on their way to the park 
 its just across the street
 from where they are standing

 it was cold out 
not horribly cold 
glove scarf weather
 for sure

 that atmospheric
courtesy of con ed
con ed 

nothing much

we were supposed
switch doctors 

i made an appointment a month ago

last night 
we went to our appointments
 she's leaving the practice in 3 weeks
so we cancelled
 walked home
 had dinner
 watched some excellent television

 suddenly it was 9 o'clock
 i am yawning
 i am realizing
 i didnt do a blog post

 what the @#!*

 the photo library i go 

i took this the other morning

 i kinda like it 

the other day

two workmen appeared
schlepping a long rectangular box
in it was 
 tack board 
(i asked for cork board)

 they are installing
between the top of my desk
(really a long wood shelf)

they must move the shelves up
 4 inches

 'they are too low'

 the tack board
 24 includes tall/high

the space
counter top and shelves
20 inches

i know this because
it was measured
three times

they said
the shelves were installed at the wrong height

i said
 the shelves were up 
when the space below them was measured

here's what we can do
they said
we can take the tack board to the shop and cut it to fit
we can raise the shelves up 4 inches now

 I opted
 raising the shelves

it seemed
 to be 
the easiest way to go

its another of the stupid interior architectural designs of this office 

thank goodness
 the interior architects

wednesday not so wordless

this past saturday 
 truly frigid

 the sunshine
 led one to believe
 it wasn't as cold
 as it felt
 sort of

 the morning
 when i headed to the eastside
my monthly massage and facial indulgence
 horribly cold
 when i walked to the crosstown bus
return to the westside
 it felt 
warm enough
 not to put on my gloves

 i had several stops to make
 pick up
 drop off 

this photo was taken
 just before
 i realized
 it was still glove wearing weather

there were stops
the eye man looking at new frames for my specs 
 zabars for the weekly nosh replenish
 the dry cleaners to drop off dirty and car hair covered clothes

a very busy afternoon

 in the evening
 we watched some television

 we record almost everything we watch
 then view it on playback
 so we can fast forward commercials
 person of interest 
the return of episodes
 the new syfy network version of 12 monkeys 
another time travel delight 

did you ever notice
 just about all
 time travel stories 
involve watches 
i hadn't til recently
it seems as if they do 

 the complete opposite

 it was warm enough for the precipitation
 to be sleety rain vs snow 

dangerous walking conditions
 i was extremely cautious
 i fell 3 times in 2014 
i have
 no intention