après le déluge

this weekend was a 50/50 mix 
saturday was somewhat sunny
sunday was mostly rainy

weather peeps say the beginning of may is usually

i think that just means
its as weird as the rest of the year

the only snow storm we had this past winter
occurred over a weekend
got rated as being a top contender for one of the worst
 this past week 
the meteorologists 
after a recount
 snow on the ground aka accumulation
 it was 
the worst one
 new york city history 


i cant wait for summer

i have said this before 
nyc doesn't do spring

this year was no exception

i wonder how hot the hottest day it will be

i wish it would stop raining

up or down

my mom
 used to say
 she was sure
new york city would be wonderful
 once they finished it

downtown there's a lot of construction
a lot

and an airplane!

its amazing the things we see and the things we dont

i was so busy
 to get those budding trees
 to be part
 my water tower photo
 i didnt see the airplane


stopped me in my tracks

not that
 i think
 it would have done the same for you 

back to work monday morning

i think it got me seeing things differently 
maybe just seeing things

i wont relate all of it 
 i had the weirdest dream
i woke on monday morning

in it
 i knew
 i was dreaming

in it
 i thought 
i kept waking up
yet i was still dreaming

cue the twilight zone music

when i finally did wake up
i sat on the edge of the bed
i said out loud
i am awake
i am definitely awake

hugs given

this is willie
he belongs to my periodontist

thursday morning before my surgery
willie let me give him some serious hugs

yup, not my best

well its been some week
 started off on the wrong foot
should i say wrong day

i thought it was wednesday
i started the antibiotic 
my dentist asked me to begin
 the day before the dental surgery
 scheduled for thursday

still with me?

as i swallowed i remembered it was tuesday

at the office i spilled coffee on a white silk blouse
i spent an hour or two chasing after a 'lost' check
of course it wasn't lost the recipient well ...best left unsaid 

shortly after lunch my tummy began aching

on the way to vote i felt not so great
when i got home i went to bed
it wasn't much later when i became really sick
i will spare you the details 
 i spent a lot of time in the loo
little time in bed
no sleep

the real wednesday
i stayed home
i felt like a mac track had hit me
i slept almost the entire day

thursday morning
was the dental surgery
when i got home i was spacey and tired
i slept on/off
in between ice packs

last night the dentist called to check on me
he said tomorrow 'you will not look your best'

i am swollen but far from less than i imagined
 the day is young
the swelling isn't expected
 to recede for 3-5 days

now that i have caught you up
i am going back to sleep

i am turning off the comments
i am thanking you in advance
 for all the well wishes i know you'd send

morning sky

yes, there the contrast could be better
i did play with it a bit
ended up disliking the fix

that sky
 stopped me
 in my tracks 
 got me to cross the street for a better POV
on the way
 to the subway